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7 Worst Things You Can Say To Your Consulting Clients

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As a professional consultant, your clients are paying for you to perform a specific function or purpose for them. It may be a onetime project or an ongoing effort; either way, you are being hired and paid to provide high quality professional services.

It’s tempting sometimes, then, to really speak your mind to a client. After all, they’ve hired you to produce positive results, right? To a certain extent yes, but this does not mean you are free to say absolutely anything you want to a client. As with most things, you need to carefully craft your message and your communication in order to produce the desired results without offending or otherwise alienating the client.

With this in mind, here are the seven worst things you can say to your consulting clients:

1. Your web site is terrible. It might very well be terrible, but you should never communicate it in this way. It’s much better to offer constructive feedback such as, “I have three specific recommendations for improving the performance of your web site”.

2. I can fix all of your problems. No way. It doesn’t matter how good you are at consulting, there is no such thing as being able to fix all of your client’s problems. Making a statement like this simply sets you up for not being able to deliver on expectations.

3. You can’t afford my services. Of course you will come across some clients who truly can’t afford to pay your going rates for consulting services, but saying it this way only serves to offend them and belittle them unnecessarily. It’s much better to offer constructive alternatives, such as a limited scope project or a recommendation to another consultant whose rates and services are more in line with their needs and financial capacity.

4. Your employees are not good enough. Again, while it may be the case that an employee group doesn’t have the skills or abilities necessary to do what a client wants, putting it in these terms is almost always counter-productive. Instead, offer up constructive examples of where some skill development is in order along with some specific information about how you can help the client achieve the necessary employee development.

5. Your (web site/newsletter/employees/or the like) is fantastic. Be careful about offering this kind of expansive praise about anything, especially if it is something you’re likely to be working on as a consultant for the client. There’s nothing wrong with pointing out specific aspects that are very good, but always leave yourself a bit of “wiggle room” for offering constructive feedback later on down the road.

6. Stay away from (insert the name of a competing consultant). The only thing you accomplish by criticizing or cutting down a competitor is to make yourself look small and bitter. The more you criticize a competitor, the worse you look to the client, so don’t do it. At all. Ever. A better approach is to emphasize what you can offer the client and highlight the advantages you would bring to their project, activity, or need.

7. I can’t help you. This type of statement is like permanently burning a bridge behind you; once it’s gone, getting back across it is difficult at best. There may be plenty of reasons why you can’t help a particular client at that time, but putting it in these blunt terms will make it nearly impossible for you to ever be considered by them in the future. It’s much better to offer alternatives for the client to consider, whether it’s modification of a project, delaying the start of a project, or recommending they work with another consultant whose expertise best matches their needs.

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legitimate work from home

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The job market in contemporary times has turned highly competitive. This holds true for the job seekers as well as for the employers, competing with each other to tap the best talents. As it comes up from the statement by the hiring managers, their functions are becoming more and more tough, as days are passing by. In such a context, the services of this website will enable the employers and the prospective employees to get connected to each other for mutual benefits. Hence, this website has attained massive popularity within a very short span of time.

Visiting this website, a job seeker can find the best job opportunities from employers from round the globe. Likewise, the flocks, looking for the Work from home opportunities, will come across the best possibilities that will enable them to earn money genuinely. Similarly, hiring managers can come across the most diversified talent pool that will enable them to hire the best talents within the shortest time span.

“Our mission is to connect the employers and employees from round the globe and within a short while we started operating, we have attained a massive popularity. Our job board is highly effective, yet user friendly and hence, the new users will never ever find any troubles to adopt with our services. In addition, we have earned a reputation for offering the most delightful support services to the employers and employees”, stated the spokesperson.

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Amazon Shadow Bans Controversial Trump Book by George Washington Heir

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Amazon follows Facebook and Twitter’s Lead, Shadow Bans First Book: George Washington Heir’s Satire “TRUMP: God-King”. Do Monopolists Lose Sense of Humor?

Following Twitter and Facebook’s lead, Amazon has started shadow banning books it doesn’t like. The **print** and Kindle version of the controversial new satire TRUMP: God-King, Part One ‘Don & George’, by acclaimed author Austin Washington (“The Education of George Washington”), which is published by nonprofit George Washington Foundation, was scheduled for release 22 August. However, emails directly from Bezos’ office demonstrate the deliberate shadow banning of the print edition of TRUMP: God-King. This is the first known case of Amazon’s new virtual book burning policy, and particularly ironic as TRUMP: God-King is a satire, a subtlety apparently lost on the Washington Post owner.

Each book published in America has its own ISBN number assigned to it by Bowker, Inc., the U.S. nonprofit designated to prevent abuse, hoarding, or even profit-making from the exclusive barcode system used by publishers around the world. Billionaire Bezos has found a way to abuse Amazon’s monopoly power by seizing control of the ISBN number assigned to The George Washington Foundation’s new book TRUMP: God-King. Amazon’s illegal usurpation of Bowker’s authority effectively makes the printed version of TRUMP: God-King unavailable on Amazon’s platform (although the Kindle ebook version remains available, as of this writing.)

The George Washington Foundation (a nonprofit dedicated to promoting politically neutral traditional American values of political restraint and personal autonomy,) has been told it is free to publish TRUMP: God-King on other platforms, but has learned that Amazon’s virtual monopoly was enforced directly by Bezos’s private office. Bezos’ personal email address [email protected] is a well known deus ex machina of last resort for victims of Amazon’s growing monopoly power across its various platforms. Personal emails from The George Washington Foundation’s chairman directly to Jeff Bezos were acknowledged by Bezos’ employee Henry Bauer, who responded on 8 August: “I expect to have this fixed for you soon, and will reach out to you tomorrow, Friday August 10, with an update.”

Despite the well reported Silicon Valley style work habits of Amazon executives and employees, August 10th and 11th passed with no further information, as had been promised, nor were requests for further information answered. [UPDATE: 4 days later, still no response, despite numerous and repeated requests.] Yet TRUMP: God-King’s unique ISBN number remains blocked for use across Amazon’s entire platform.

TRUMP: God-King author Austin Washington says, “I used to think Amazon was better than Google, whose motto ‘Do No Evil’ always struck me as if a fraternity had the motto ‘Commit No Rape’–why, precisely, do they feel the need to say that? But evidence of the deliberate theft of TRUMP: God-King’s ISBN number directly from Amazon chief Jeff Bezos’ office, effectively making this controversial new satire unpublishable in print form, shows that Amazon’s motto should be ‘Do as much evil as you can get away with.’”

Acclaimed author Austin Washington continued: “As George Washington well knew when he set the precedent to step down voluntarily from the United States’ Presidency, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Despite the fact that I hate big government, and disagree with President Trump on many issues, maybe he’s right that the Federal government needs to seize the de facto monopolies of the public square, Google, Twitter, Facebook–and now Amazon–to stop them destroying the very foundation upon which our country is based, freedom of speech and thought.”

Kindle ebooks do not need an ISBN, thus Amazon hasn’t yet figured out a rationale nor method to “shadow ban” the Kindle version of TRUMP: God-King.

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Finding the right printing company for your business

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Correct budgeting is amongst the keys to any profitable project. Printing is not any different. Make certain to determine a price range with a bottom line. Preserve that handy whenever you negotiate with totally different printing companies. You do not want to be tempted to pay greater than that bottom line for printing services.

As with all provider chances are you’ll take care of, you do not wish to use one which has a poor reputation. Discover quite a few completely different printing companies by means of ads or listings. Subsequent, contact completely different people in your network to get opinions on these corporations and other recommendations they might have. Go for companies which have better phrase of mouth.

As soon as you know the name of some potential selections, carry out an honest amount of research into each printing company. Visit their websites and browse up on every business. Attempt to get a good idea of what kind of printing providers they really offer. Use the information you discover to get your record of potential selections down to five printing companies.

How far it is to a printing firm ought to be one thing you shouldn’t overlook. A sure print store, for example, might offer its printing providers for slightly cheap. Nonetheless, if that print shop is simply too far-off, the value of delivering your orders may cancel out any potential savings.

You must also ensure that to discover out whether or not a company is finest suited to meet the wants of your business. The nature of the job may additionally determine the print shop chosen. For instance, for those who want brochure printing, it’s potential you’ll go with a cheaper company. Nonetheless, for these who want invites to a formal event, chances are you’ll want to go alongside with a more expensive firm that may offer a higher high quality product.

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Advertising ideas with vinyl banners

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One solution is to implement some more authentic advertising methods now accessible from different print shops. These can can help you get an edge in your competition merely from the fact it is unlikely that as lots of your rivals are using such techniques. Below are a prime three.

With the introduction of more advanced printing methods, printing a design on the usual cotton t-shirt is now easier than ever. This growth has result in many opportunities for businesses. Not only can companies sell their own t-shirts, however they can also use them as a really low-cost and effective type of advertising.

One factor most people do is take a look at other people’s clothes. In the event that they see the title of a restaurant, local attraction, or other business, they could turn out to be curious enough to check it out. This promoting may also journey wherever with the people who wear those t-shirts. T-shirt digital printing is one solution to really broaden the scope of your advertising.

Another nice choice for businesses are magnetic signs. These could be printed out for very cheap. You may then hand them out for free to your customers. Whereas giving them out at no cost might look like an unnecessary expense, this is one advertising method that may pay dividends later on.

For one, this is a should for any enterprise that delivers food. If a buyer desires to shortly discover the number of a local pizza place or sub store that delivers, a magnet on the fridge with a telephone number for such a delivery place may be the very first thing they go to. Magnetic signs for that motive may be much more efficient than having a web-based or telephone e book listing.

Lastly, another thing you could wish to think about is purchasing a automotive decal. While you might assume that vinyl automobile wraps are exorbitantly costly, this is usually not the case. They will also be an awesome promoting method. Whenever you drive that car, you will have immediate advertising.

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Bus advertising an affordable choice for your business

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Bus promoting really traces its origins to advertisements placed on streetcars early in the 20th century. They may even be placed inside shelters at bus stops referred to as bus huts. These fluctuate, some being static posters and some being shows which can be illuminated from behind. True bus advertising is actually positioned on the car, so that people traveling in your metropolitan space are uncovered to the signage.

Some enterprise adverts are installed on benches at bus stops, and others can behind contained in the bus itself, usually above eye level, where they’re more likely to be seen by passengers seated or standing on the bus. In addition, some companies use television screens inside metro vehicles like trains and buses, and the programming on these units can be color or monochrome. Some are interactive.

Buses usually have promoting panels placed within the rectangular area above the wheels and under the windows. They may also be painted or pasted onto placards called boards, which have slots that fit contained in the fittings on the bus. Nowadays bus advertising has extended to all areas of buses.

By far the catchiest bus ads are those that creatively make use of the whole aspect of the bus, and typically the entrance and rear of the car as well. That is generally referred to as a bus with an all-over-advertisement.

Some of the unique facet and panel ads had been painted onto the bus, however this resulted in a whole lot of downtime when the advertiser reached the tip of their contract and opted not to renew the bus ads. In these circumstances, the buses must be pulled out of service in order that they may very well be stripped or repainted for the following advertiser.

Now that many bus advertisements use self-adhesive vinyl, it makes the job of changing advert campaigns much easier. These could be simply put in place and eliminated, like decals. This reduces the downtime of each bus used, and the colours may be very vivid, and will stay vivid longer than painted boards used to. You possibly can not initially paint or apply decals over the bus’ windows, for safety reasons.

Now that clear coverage techniques are used on windows, you may even see whole bus advertisements that cowl the home windows as well. Since people can nonetheless see out, their safety just isn’t compromised by the transparent coverings.

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